Friday, January 16, 2009


A sense of uneasiness has come over me for the past few weeks. There is no reason that I should be feeling this way. I had a great conversation with a fellow yogi today. It was a very revealing conversation about Vinyasa classes. As we were taking about long and complicated flows, I realized that I feel unfulfilled and underwhelmed at times. I don't go into a class with expectations but I hope to develop a certain feeling when I am done. The feeling that I am craving is what I get from Ashtanga. It hit me like a ton bricks, I really like Ashtanga and miss it. I was practicing it almost every day during teacher training and now I have that connection. I figured it out! I was stricken with Vinyasaitis for three years and I reached a deeper level with Ashtanga and like the meditative stillness and the physical exertion. Quite honestly, it's a challenge. Okay, now that I figured out my dilemma, I have to find some classes.

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