Friday, January 30, 2009

Another fun day!

I drove a bunch of kids to all school mass today, I served as B1 Eucharistic minister, so I got to check everyone in and help where needed. I dropped the kids back at school and zipped over to LTF. Knowing the time crunch I was in, I threw some yoga clothes and my black coat in a bag and ran out the door. I always dress as nicely as I can for church as it is the most important place that I go to. I had on knee height black boots, with a 2" heel, black tights, a nice black and grey skirt and a black silk Ann Taylor wrap front sweater, my winter white coat and my favorite Dana Buckman scarf that my sister got for me. I was way more dressed up than usual, for work that is. I forgot to bring extra boots. I ran into the locker room with 10 minutes until my class time, tore my boots and clothes off and got dressed for my class. No shoes, can't exactly put on tall black boots with no socks and blue yoga pants. Too funny, I had a good laugh and a lot of funny looks, Ces't la vie! I ran upstairs barefoot. I had so much fun with my class today, they are an awesome group of people. One of my special yoga friends gave me a mala made of lotus seeds from Nepal for a belated Christmas gift. I was so touched that she thought of me and gave me such a meaningful gift, I couldn't stop crying. A mala is a set of prayer beads (108 in all) it is similar to a rosary. I caught up with my mom for a few at the club and got a great hug! I love her so much! I am so thankful for the goodness in my life and the goodness that others share with me. I raced back home to meet a friend for lunch at 1pm, I just made it! Then we went back to school to pick up our kids, I ran home to teach my seniors who were coming over at 3. After that class we had a snack and picked up Spencer (Alex's friend) and headed to the Winter Festival at school. I had a blast painting faces for 3 hours, Sandy put it perfectly "it's therapeutic." The boys ran like a pack of dogs playing games, eating candy and behaving exactly the opposite of how they have to during school hours. We all had a blast, Vic realized that the kids were fine without him hovering over them and went home, then to the Box bar with friends (his play date). The older boys are old enough to watch Garrett, and they did a great job. Everyone had fun and now I am so tired! Off to a hot bath for me.

CES family yoga at 9 tomorrow! Can't wait!

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