Monday, January 19, 2009


I made Fantastic World Foods Vegetarian Sloppy Joes for dinner tonight. I followed the "mama's sloppy joes" recipe on the back and was really surprised at how good they tasted. We eat many vegetarian meals and the guys never question what I put on the table. Their reaction was almost comical, they were really digging in and could not tell that they were meatless. They repeatedly said "umm this meat is good" I just smiled. They are open to vegetarian foods but still ask for meat occasionally. I want them to make decisions for eating based on what their bodies want, not what my philosophical beliefs are. I really believe that our bodies tell us what they need in terms of food and sleep, we just have to tune in a little better to realize this connection. I told my bro in law that once his baby is born, he has to really watch his diet and sleep needs as raising children wreak havoc on our feedback from our bodies. Too often we push ourselves past the point of exhaustion when exercising, ignore lack of sleep induced fatigue, and tune out true patterns of healthy eating.

While at the dentist I scanned through the Oprah issue for January. I came across a few helpful items: if you find an item you like you can enter the URL and the site will contact you when the price drops (the example was a dress from GAP)

TokyoMilk perfumes, are cool scents I've seen these in Birmingham and Ann Arbor, check them out. you visit the site and enter your cell phone number and your zip code. If it is going to rain the site sends you a text message to alert you to bring an umbrella. How handy!

Have a great day!

In love in light~ Tricia

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