Friday, January 23, 2009

Ooh, a quiet night in

The boys are at Grandma's and I get to take a hot bath and read! A quiet night at home is the most wonderful luxury! It's too cold to go to the movies as we had planned (to see the new Underworld flick).

In an attempt to quench my morbid curiosity, I kind of want to see the Wrestler with Mickey Rourke. We saw a BBC America TV show (Graham Norton) where he (Rourke)was interviewed along with Jessica Biel. Wow was he creepy, at first he flirted with her then he really insulted her. They were talking about dogs at the pound, he basically said that she (Jessica) was not pretty enough to adopt and that he would put her back. The host freaked, try to see if it's on YouTube, it's worth watching. He kept touching her arm and leg, I was so disgusted! I would have jumped off that sofa, a nasty chill just went down my spine!

I noticed a new book by Eckert Tolle and was excited to check it out. I saw it at Borders and was REALLY disappointed to learn that it is just a rehash of A New Earth! He took the most "memorable" points and added pretty graphics. I have to protest, nearly every word was relevant in that book. It's almost an insult to butcher you own work in that way. What was he thinking?$$$$$ Hmmm maybe?

My classes for the Wayne County Health and Wellness Program begin on Tuesday. I am excited to bring yoga, meditation and a preventive health mindset to the employees.

I am beginning a series of bi-monthly special workshops at the Life Studio in Commerce with many different concentrations. It will be a fun way for me to be able to work closer with the members who have been so diligent and committed to our classes.

I am still "feeling" the Primary Series we did on Wednesday. My shoulders are really, how do I put this...alive, yea thats it.

Three classes tomorrow morning and then the Ice Spectacular! My nephews are having a sleepover at our house so it's Cinderella in the Frat house! That is how I refer to our home, as I am outnumbered 5 guys (including my two furry sons) to 1 gal. Tomorrow night that jumps to 7 boys (yes, I consider my husband one of the boys). Oh joy! It'll be fun, I'll just remember my peaceful night that I had yesterday.

Have a great night and stay warm, just a few ideas to help:)
1.Have a cup of decaf tea by the fireplace
2.Take a hot bath
3.Cuddle with your sweetie
4.Cuddle with your dogs
5.Meditate and detach yourself from the sensation of coldness around you. Hey, this really works!

Namaste~ Tricia


doornumbertwo said...

It has turned a bit chilly here in Texas. My youngest daughter has left to go to Dallas for the weekend on retreat. My five year old son and I are huddled inside. He just walked by and saw your Yoga pic. He is now on the wall trying it out! Just thought you would like to know... now for that tea!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia! I'd like to find out more about the special bi-monthly workshops at Life Studio-Commerce you're doing? Would luv to join in on that... I so miss your classes!!I've been doing Hot Yoga which has a most positive effct on my body- keeping lean with less chance of injury. But I miss your strenuous workouts and miss you too! I haven't even been to the gym this week and I'm going Bonkers!! Still have your Christmas gfit from Nepal I haven't had a chance to give you- but will! Thanks for all your wonderful words! You warm up a bitter cold winter~ Lani

Yoga Trish said...

Hey doornumbertwo, thanks for sharing the joy! Tell your son that I said "hi."

Lani, how have you been? I will post my schedule of LifeStudio classes on my blog. I wish you would come to class sometimes, we miss your great energy. We had 64 people today. Take care and hope to see you soon:) Love, Trica