Saturday, January 17, 2009

Competetive Edge Skating Family Yoga Week 1

Hello to all who joined together on this cold morning to share a beautiful practice! We were able to do much more than I anticipated so that was a great plus. I always structure classes to meet the needs of the participants and take it gentle the first class to ease everyone into a nice experience. We will progressively increase the intensity and depth of stretching over the course. I can be reached at with any questions or requests for classes. A helpful idea to cushion knees while kneeling is to bring 2 hand towels to class. You can roll them into a long rope, then into a "donut" shape to be placed under the knees. This tip really works to cushion the knees as it stabilizes the patella (unlike kneeling on a flat towel). I developed this to cushion my knees when I started in yoga. You will find with time, your knees will become stronger and more flexible as well as more stable. I will label this post weekly so it will show up on the "noteworthy" section for easy reference. Please refer to earlier posts to find helpful information on healthy eating, living and positive inspirations. All blog posts can be commented on by clicking on the line that is labeled "comments." If you don't have a blogger account you can leave the comment "anonymously."

Over the course of classes, you will learn the postures and develop a sense of moving smoothly in to the postures. This takes a little patience. A great idea is to visit the library and check out a yoga DVD to do at home in between classes. It won't be the same as going to a class but will help you learn the postures and slowly build your strength and endurance. Please be cautious and really listen to your body, as it is your best teacher.

I look forward to next week, we will have an hour long practice and a 15 minute meditation session. Feel free to bring a blanket to class to cover up during shavasana (final relaxation).

Wishing you all the best this week!
Namaste~ Tricia

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