Monday, March 31, 2008

Interesting info has an interesting article on toxic mattresses, it's funny but I was just discussing mattresses with two friends after class on Sunday. It's worth the effort to learn what you are sleeping on!

Double click onthe link, in their search box (left side of screen) type: should you ditch your chemical mattress or mattress toxins then the link will appear, like magic!

Too fun!

Saturday night was a blast, everyone danced! Sunday yoga was fun too, it was nice to see everyone again. I'm so happy the kids are back at school! I really need to plan activities this summer so we won't get bored. I'm thinking something like:

Swimming 2-3 times a week at LTF and Grandma's house ( on a Lake)
Golf / driving range 1 time a week
Bike or horseback rides in Blueberry Park (Garrett name for Maybury) 1 time a week

This on top of me teaching 6 time a week plus art fairs and festivals.

We should be okay...

If you have any good ideas for keeping kids intrigued, please let me know!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hey! It worked!

My friend called me a techno freak, I said more like a flunkie. I need to learn how to get the most out of my gadgets, so I did my first Mobile blog. It's the pic of hot pot at my house. I just got word that I'm going dancing tonight with a big group of wild women at Boogie Fever in Ferndale. Gotta go get my dancing shoes on!

Time to get de-funked!

Hot pot

Chrysanthemum greens, pea sprouts, jalapeno peppers, napa cabbage, baby bok choi,

Yam noodles, udon noodles,

pork, rib eye, shrimp, calamari, scallops, every type of fish balls and fish cakes,

King Oyster mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, shitaki mushrooms,

All simmered in two types of broth (chicken and beef). Chinese barbecue sauce.

Conquering the funk

Okay, It think acknowledging that I am in a funk helps me to see past it. I am so thankful for so many wonderful students who I consider friends, so that's what I'll call you from now on! My puppy Jiva (the little Pomeranian) is always a ball of happy energy, I'll tune into his nuclear energy and perk up!

Friday, March 28, 2008

In a funk

My positive streak collapsed. I'm in a funk and can't get out. It's this accumulated mountain of crap that depresses me: the economy, China and Tibet, the weather, my yearning to travel to a very exotic, far away place (Maldives or Bali) and the potential leaders of our nation:( running for office.

I'm really looking forward to teaching this weekend, and have new music and new play lists made. That makes me happy<)

I went to Lush in Twelve Oaks and got some Karma powder, it smells so good I want to wear it every day. It's a nice blend of patchouli, citrus and really fresh, mellow undertones.

Think a happy thought for Me!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hot Pot

My family came over for Hot Pot tonight. Maggie is going back to Hong Kong tomorrow, so we wanted to wish her well for her journey home. We had so much food it bordered on obscene, the beef was so good, it is really thin and cooks in a minute (awesome with Chinese barbecue sauce). This sauce is nothing like a Texas BBQ sauce, rather it's like a mildly smoky chili paste (crazy good!). I ate a lot of veggies and udon noodles and three pieces of my mom's strawberry shortcake roll. I am still way too stuffed to go to sleep, so I'll read for a while. I'll send my phone pic later. My tulips and daffodils are about three inches high already, I wish I planted more crocuses last fall:(

Namaste~ Tricia

Thursday, March 20, 2008


We went to our favorite sausage shop in Detroit. It has been a family tradition to get our sausage for Easter and Christmas from Markevich European Meats on Michigan Ave since before I was born. The proprietor's wife was into sport fishing and everything she caught was mounted on the walls (Sharks, swordfish etc,) so I grew up going to this obscure little shop with it's white tile walls, stuffed fish and the delicious strong smells of smoked meats, garlic and long lines of people clutching their white butcher shop paper wrapped packages as they left. The feeling is almost like the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld. You bring only cash, you never ask what anything costs and you know what to order when you get to the front of the line. This place has not changed since I was a kid and hopefully never will. I have a reputation for being a strong and assertive person, until I get to Markevich's shop. Without fail I always get yelled at due to my children touching the merchandise. I quietly cower with my cash in my hand and hope she (the eldest Markevich) doesn't single me out. Last year while at the counter I looked back to ask my son a question and she poked me with a pencil on my hand and asked "What do you want?" This time went fine and the boys were on their best behavior. I got the goods and left. I brought my camera to take a picture for the boys to look back at when they take their kids to get the sausage. Three generations (my mom, mother-in-law, me and my boys) and the thirty old fish on the wall.

We went onto the Rouge Factory Tour at the Henry Ford. The kids loved seeing how trucks are assembled.

I'm tired and ready for a nice quiet night.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Free Tibet Info

A friend and I had a discussion after class today about the crisis in Tibet and she requested info on how to help. This organization provides assistance to Tibetans, including children who are forced to make a dangerous crossing from Tibet through the high mountain passes of the Himalayas to Nepal, where they then seek refuge in India. I've always prayed for peace and "felt" bad about this situation, but I didn't really take enough action. I received a letter from this organization after I purchased tickets to see the Dalai Lama. They requested any size of donation and gave two cards that were illustrated by children who were forced to leave their homes and families. It really hit hard. I just sat and cried, my heart (that of a mother) broke as I thought of the hardship that these children endured. We always focus on the politics of a situation but never the ones who suffer. Live a life full of generosity and thankfulness. or International Campaign for Tibet
P.O. Box 910
Oxon Hill, MD 20750-0910

Donations are tax deductible

Namaste~ Tricia

Monday, March 17, 2008


Take time to count all of your blessings. Don't skip even the littlest ones. Make a journal and keep track of what you are thankful for to serve as a reminder of the goodness in your life.

Be present and full of peace!

Don't be distracted with competitiveness, jealousy or anger. Enjoy the bliss of living with thankfulness in your heart.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Wow have I experienced this today! I always say to check your ego at the door, accept what ever comes and be pleased with your current level of success. I'm loving the Anusara workshop I've been attending but let me tell you I feel it! The attention to detail while preparing for a posture is so helpful and achievable. My back and hips are very sore and it feels like I've been run over by a truck. I honestly can say that I enjoy the struggle of attempting the arm balances, the handstand was so liberating. I'll be there for 3 more hours tomorrow, and I can't wait!

Namaste ~ Tricia

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reality check

My Chinese Family

I love getting feedback from my fellow yoginis! I love the comments on the blog, I hope to have more people participate so we can share our energy! I had a nice discussion after my class last week with several students. We are all different religions, ages and come from different backgrounds but we all have so much in common. I was so surprised to find this truth when I went to Hong Kong. My brother-in-law married Maggie, who was born in Northern China and moved to Hong Kong as a child. I was nervous to meet her family at the wedding, they did not speak English and I don't speak Mandarin or Cantonese. My son immediately "clicked" with his new cousins despite the language barrier and I felt immediately connected to her family. Our mutual kindness and respect for each other's cultures transcended the lack of a common tongue. They are basically just like us, very family oriented, loved to cook and eat and took pride in their traditions. I am always respectful of other religions and cultures, and strive to instill these values in my children. Instead of looking at differences, look for common ground to build a foundation of mutual admiration and knowledge.

Namaste~ Tricia

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Positive thinking

Make a commitment to begin monitoring your thoughts and what you are exposed to that will affect you. The more news I watch, the more pessimistic I become. I don't want to stick my head in the ground and ignore the issues that are occurring, but then again if I worry about everything from the price of oil to the fighting in South America and Africa, I'll go nuts. My solution is to check the news online so I can keep current but not inundated with negativity. I'm also becoming more active in supporting several causes like the conflict in Darfur. That has been a big one for a while, I will continue to raise awareness and support to help these people. Don't take the basic, everyday freedoms for granted that we enjoy. Have a great day!

Friday, March 7, 2008

vegetarian dinner

I'm making ricotta, zucchini and onion filled manicotti for dinner. I try to cook vegetarian as often as possible. If you have good recipes, please click the commentline and put them in. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another success story!

One of my students shared that they lost 33 pounds since June! They have attended my yoga classes several times a week and watched what they ate. Horray !~!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Positive Thinking part 2

Well, my New Year's resolution was going along quite nicely until I hit an unpredictable bump in the road of life. I was really negative for one day. It felt good to complain! I'm over it now. My resolution lasted from December 30, 2007 to March 1, 2008. Not bad. I'm back on the wagon to happy town.
This is a little optimism that Spring is near, I planted 150 tulip and 150 more daffodils last Fall. I can't wait until they bloom!!