Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reality check

My Chinese Family

I love getting feedback from my fellow yoginis! I love the comments on the blog, I hope to have more people participate so we can share our energy! I had a nice discussion after my class last week with several students. We are all different religions, ages and come from different backgrounds but we all have so much in common. I was so surprised to find this truth when I went to Hong Kong. My brother-in-law married Maggie, who was born in Northern China and moved to Hong Kong as a child. I was nervous to meet her family at the wedding, they did not speak English and I don't speak Mandarin or Cantonese. My son immediately "clicked" with his new cousins despite the language barrier and I felt immediately connected to her family. Our mutual kindness and respect for each other's cultures transcended the lack of a common tongue. They are basically just like us, very family oriented, loved to cook and eat and took pride in their traditions. I am always respectful of other religions and cultures, and strive to instill these values in my children. Instead of looking at differences, look for common ground to build a foundation of mutual admiration and knowledge.

Namaste~ Tricia

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