Monday, January 18, 2010

yoga website vs blog

The website has way more organized information. To find it, scroll down and find the picture of me on the right side of the screen, just click on me. This blog is a rambling of personal experiences, kind of like a mental safe deposit box. Sometimes "unloading" the brain is cathartic. Both are updated and a new blog has been added for more ramblings of a suburban soul. It is Tales of a suburban life, it is here on blogspot and easy to find by going to the profile link and scrolling down to the bottom. Blogs are listed, just click.

Finding balance

Balance or equanimity are the goal of yoga. Balance in mind, body and spirit. Finding balance requires the ego to be set aside and the universal goodness to take primary precedence.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

EGO EGO where are thou not an EGO

EGO is the manifestation of an attachment to the sense of self. My goal is to eliminate the I from my oral and written vocabulary. This will be a challenge but will make a sense of presence and attention to detail a must! Wish luck this way...see trying already!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Effortless effort

My teacher made an observation of my "effortless effort" during class today. I felt as if I was not trying but just enjoying each breath to it's fullest and each posture to it's maximum. I left the vinyasa class completely refreshed and exhilarated. In the past I left the class feeling physically exhausted and so tired that I had to sleep for a few hours after. The difference was that I used to "try" too hard and never let the softness in. I was too physically competitive and used up too much energy. There is a concept of economizing energy during a practice. I found that today like never before! I love being able to learn and grow with each new experience!!

I made excellent vegetarian burritos for dinner today, I was famished and really enjoyed the spiciness of the soy choritzo and the creaminess of the re fried beans. Warm, soothing comfort foods are the perfect cure-all for cold winter nights!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yoga as an inward journey

The greatest benefit of yoga has been the ability to tune inward and disassociate from the environment. This is a double edged sword to some extent as I have become very sensitive to noise, noxious smells and over stimulation. It is almost as if my brain has "reset" to a calmer place. Our last girl's night out dancing left me craving a cup of tea and a snuggle with my puppies...far cry from my dancing until 2 am days.

Calm, quiet contemplation.

Yoga Day USA

Hey Yogis! Check out local classes at studios and Yoga Day USA affiliated events! All good studios offer either a free class or a community class to bring yoga to the community, without putting payment first. This is my commitment to my community by bringing donation classes to the greater Plymouth area. It is called Karma yoga, selfless service to others.

Monday, January 4, 2010