Monday, January 11, 2010

Effortless effort

My teacher made an observation of my "effortless effort" during class today. I felt as if I was not trying but just enjoying each breath to it's fullest and each posture to it's maximum. I left the vinyasa class completely refreshed and exhilarated. In the past I left the class feeling physically exhausted and so tired that I had to sleep for a few hours after. The difference was that I used to "try" too hard and never let the softness in. I was too physically competitive and used up too much energy. There is a concept of economizing energy during a practice. I found that today like never before! I love being able to learn and grow with each new experience!!

I made excellent vegetarian burritos for dinner today, I was famished and really enjoyed the spiciness of the soy choritzo and the creaminess of the re fried beans. Warm, soothing comfort foods are the perfect cure-all for cold winter nights!

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