Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Indian pizza

I took a garlic Naan bread and put spinach Punjab sauce on it, some mozzarella cheese and black beluga lentils. 10 mintes in the toaster oven and it was a yummy vegetarian lunch. I can't do soy cheese any longer so my options are pretty limited (I tried Almond cheese and really gagged). I did an all vegan diet for 21 days in May then from late June to October. I ate a lot of soy cheese, soy milk and tofu. My face exploded! I was covered in red, inflamed bumps. It turns out that the bioestrogens in soy are not well tolerated by my body. I had to learn the hard way! My skin is finally healed and now I really watch how much soy I consume (mostly just an occasional Miso soup). Here I was thinking I was doing something really good for my body and health, not to mention the earth and it turns out that I caused a massive amount of infamation to develop! I am looking into more soy free vegan options and wil post any good recipes that I come across.

I downloaded a few new songs from itunes and have used them in class. One is Teardrop from Massie Attack. Check it out:)

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