Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mental homework

At the end of of each class during final relaxation, we focus our minds on keeping our consciousness clear. We imagine a blank disk, our challenge is to maintain this state of mind. We disallow interruptions, any thought or perception is pushed away. Allow yourself the time to find some relaxation at home. Turn off the electronics and just be. You will be so refreshed, and able to think clearer. Be okay with being quiet, still and alone.

I sometimes think people are running away from something in their minds as they flip through their Ipods and blackberries, even worse the constant chatter of cell phone conversations. Do we really need to be so available, so connected? One literally puts their quality of life at the mercy of every ones need to have an immediate response.

Ask yourself the question.. when is the last time I sat down and wrote a card or letter to someone? Make a point of sending one this week.

As always, with love, peace and light~ Tricia

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