Monday, November 19, 2007

Finding little bits of joy

A little, seemingly ubiquitous occurrance can be viewed as special and worth savoring. This is especailly true if you open your awareness to experience them. Simple pleasures as one could call them. These events occur much more frequently than a big trip or a date with your spouse sans children. I mean really small things, like a hot bath after the kids go to bed. Candles, scented bath salts and a fluffy warm robe waiting for you. Try to find a little bit of bliss for yourself everyday.


Melissa said...

Trish: Love the blog. Can you post any yoga to do while chained(lol) to my chair at work? I used to have a few saved on line but can no longer find them. I used to send out some positions for my co workers to do while seated at their desk and it helped relive STRESS and was healthier than Chocolate- ha ha!

Yoga Trish said...

I've got some good chair ones, I'll post them. Thanks for the kind words:)