Sunday, November 4, 2007

Foods we eat

I'm re-posting this list with some updates. We eat lots of different things. I make almost everything.

For snacks we have organic apple slices with peanut butter or sunbutter, cheese sticks, trail mix, pumpkin muffins (I've posted the recipe), cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, potato chips (I buy ones with expeller pressed oil), cheesy spinach bars (I've posted the recipe), granola bars, quesadillas, cucumber slices and carrot sticks. Nature Path makes "poptart" like pastries, they aren't as gooey in the middle but they are good (Pomegranate frosted are my favorite at Meijer). Trader Joe's has 2 varieties 6 to a box and Costco has a megabox. I make a mean chocolate chip cookie and yes I add flax seed meal to them as well. I basically put flax seed meal in almost everything I bake. It's a great source of omega oils. My friend Nicole subs 1/2 c of flax meal in her chocolate chip cookies for 1 stick of the butter. Super Food is a juice drink from Odwalla, it has tons of good veggies and fruits. It looks like swamp water but tastes like strawberry mango juice. The boys love it.

For dinner I make burritos with chicken or turkey, beans, veggies, cheese and salsa on top. Roasted pork loin with thyme Dijon mustard marinade, with green beans and potatoes.
Quiche with a fresh salad or bowl of soup, spaghetti, meatballs and mashed potatoes,
chicken soup, hummus and pita with filafels, chicken breast with mushroom sauce over pasta, beef stew once in a while. Tonight we had broiled salmon, green peas and garlic bread.

Whole Foods website has a link to a healthy pantry, this really helped me when I got started eating healthier. I'll post more when I think of them. Have a great day!!

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