Monday, November 12, 2007

A good cuppa tea

Everyone who knows me can vouch that I'm a tea-aholic. I love tea, and have at lease 25 varieties.
The caffeine in teas is different than coffee and not nearly as strong. Herbal is tea leaf free and caffeine free, black has 1/2 the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. Green has 1/3 the amount of caffeine. White has the least amount of caffeine (1/5)and it's compromised of the top 2 leaves of each tea leaf shrub. White and green teas are much more delicate than black tea and can scald if boiling water is poured on the leaves (destroys the antioxidants). I boil water then pour it into the teapot or cup and wait a 1/2 minute then add the tea leaves or bag in. Let the tea steep for 2 minutes, squeeze the extra water out of the bag with the back of a spoon or lift the strainer if you're using one and enjoy with a little Agave nectar of honey.

My favorite at night is organic mint and for a pick up I can't survive without a good cup of medium bodied black tea with milk and a little sugar. Chai is another favorite, Celestial Seasons is the best mix of spices, not too strong. It's naturally sweet from the cardamon, so I just add milk (soy, hazelnut and almond milks work good too). I love the varieties available now, there is a store called Tranquilitea in Plymouth. They have a fruit herbal tea that is so rich it looks more like trail mix! Give yourself a break from coffee or soda and warm up with a nice, mellow cup of peace.

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