Monday, June 1, 2009

Where to begin?

Cindy, Mark, Gretchen and moi
Lilas Folan
Paul Grilley, he gave us Yin Yoga and so much more.

Oh my, I look terrible in that photo. My eyes were so puffy! I slept good but could have used another hour or two. I got home late yesterday (7:45), was so incredibly happy to see my family! I had to decompress for a little while, a long car ride does wonders on your lumbar! I was so saturated from all the information that I could barely contain it in my brain. I was debriefed on all the male bonding that transpired over the weekend (dinner and games at Lucky's, the boys' friends came over on Saturday for play dates and then more guys over on Saturday night to watch the Wings, way too much junk food, pop and Xbox). As I sat on one sofa conversing with my husband who was on the other sofa, he looks over at me and very sweetly said " I really understand how important balance is. Without you here we ate terribly, had way too much activity (the poor puppies were having fits, way too much stimulation for them) and I would never make the house this pretty. As I was watering all the flowers you planted, I thought "I would never do this, the house would be so ugly." He went on the say "this is your house, you worked so hard to make it so beautiful. Without you the house is so imbalanced." I looked over, smiled and nodded. He had a yoga moment. Balance. They were starving for home made food. I was exhausted but happily made them dinner, knowing how much they missed the love I imbued into my cooking. We cuddled, finished up homework and got to bed. The puppies look relieved, they have barely moved this morning (such a testosterone hangover)! Now on to the conference. Where I can, I include web links so you can check things out for yourself and to help spread the word for the amazing people that I met this weekend!

As with everything I have been introduced to through my teacher, I was pleasantly surprised and totally overwhelmed by the depth and richness of the experience. Not knowing what to expect and not wasting energy thinking about it I simply accepted what transpired and appreciated it.

I was graciously adopted by Gretchen and Cindy when Nikki backed out at the last minute. Gretchen drove us and I am so appreciative! We spent a lot of time learning, eating and singing together. We started out together on this yoga journey and I am so lucky to know them.
We arrived at the hotel at 11:00 Thursday night and was wiped out from the drive. I went to bed quickly knowing that I had an early morning.

I attended a 7am meditation session with Johnnie, he had us go through a brief asana to warm and stretch. Afterward I spoke to him and told him that I had given up coffee for good. He asked "how long? " I replied "6 weeks," and that I had only done so for three people, him and my two boys when I was pregnant. I told him that his constant reminders sank in, and it wasn't until I asked myself why I needed coffee, that I was able to understand my habit and break it. A big hug and huge smile affirmed that he was happy that I listened. Then I went onto a class with Seane Corn, she is amazing. She tailored that class to the teachers, as there were so many of us in the room. So much information streamed out of her it was like a river! She encouraged us to sequence classes with substance and not flash. Everything resonated with me and I am so inspired! I had another class with her on chakra flows and how the chakras that are blocked can affect the body physically, another amazing class. Then I went to Paul Grilley's Yin yoga class, got the lowdown from the man himself! He is funny and really pragmatic. He kindly posed for a picture as I told him that he is a celebrity in my house, and that the kids didn't believe that I was meeting him. We watched the bone anatomy video a few times during teacher training and the kids call him the bone man. His information really changed and enhanced my understanding of how bones and anatomy affect postures. His inspiration was Pauly Zink, who was a yogi who was "never hurt." Check him out at I met Jason from who developed a ergonomically designed yoga block. He gave me a set to share, along with a video so I can learn how to use them to help others deepen their practice. Friday night wrapped up with a Kirtan concert with Steve Ross.

Saturday morning began with a "start the day in a sacred way with Lilas Folan, Queen of Yoga on PBS. She shared a Native American dance, song and light ceremony with us, she is so funny, nice and a generous soul. Went onto Saul David Raye's Life Bliss Meditation class, amazing! I got the CD to use at home. It is unlike anything I have ever experienced and it really made sense too.

Now for the revelation that the universe aligns us for the path we are chosen to take. I jumped classes to attend Mark Whitwell's because I felt like I needed to, in some strange way. It was difficult for me to choose classes in February not knowing what to take, so I trusted my intuition. Wow am I happy I did. I was honored, blessed and just lucky to be in this man's presence. His wisdom, basic belief in the power of love and unity settled in like never before. I can honestly say that he affirmed my belief in what I have found yoga to truly be, and what is really important. I have found my anti-guru! Buy his video, listen to him as he speaks the truth!

Another Seane Corn class, Karma flow...more amazing information and a quote I will never forget " Ignore the story, see the soul, love always and never regret" Billy S.

Wade Morrisette delivered an amazing Kirtan concert and we had a blast! I got some great hugs to pass around! We had a nice discussion with Mark and Raj (an Oncologist attending the conference) after the concert.

Sunday morning began with the Swami (formerly known ad Rama Birch). She taught us the proper technique for saying Om. You can practice it so it resonates all throughout your body. It was very moving and beautiful. I went to Annie Carpenter's relax deeply class, it was very yin oriented and just what I needed. I wrapped up the day with Vinnie Marinos' arm balance class. Whew! Lots of headstand to bakasana, and so many others. Got a few new cool ones! I got a super cool tank top and headband from Moses designs the shirts and they are a one of a kind work of art. He doesn't sell the patchwork styles online because they are one of a kind but if you contact him he will make one for you and send it to you. Check mine out in class. He is so nice, and talented. I also got a cool shirt from, check them out! Mine is black with pink sprays of flowers and the words "my life is my message."
Before leaving for work today, Vic looked at me and repeated his appreciation for my presence and the balance that I bring to our home and lives. I am so thankful for his ability to see what is, and what has to be. His request was for a vegetarian week as he overdid it this weekend. I said" no problem!"
That sums it up! Live in love for when you do everything else falls in place. Namaste, Tricia

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