Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Impulsivity strikes 2

A few months back I mentioned how I impulsively decided to switch Garrett's room and the guest bedroom. Actually it was not an impulsive thought, as I had planned to do so for a while (actually planning and getting around to doing it were another thing all together). My gardening itch started up and I went on the prowl. I scoped out some massive railroad ties at Home Depot and lots of veggies begging to be planted. I called Vic and thankfully he was tired and not in a mood to debate. We both wanted to put in a veggie garden at some point and now is the perfect time. We ate dinner and went to Home Depot, we bought 2 ties at a time as they are so heavy and barely fit in our Expedition (come to find out they are around 200 lbs each). My awesomely terrific husband pulled them out and through the side of the yard himself. I am so glad he is strong! Yea!! A few massive nails and the boys and I can set to work filling it up. Garrett and I started beets, lettuce, corn, zucchini, sunflowers, cukes and beans. I'll sprinkle in the radishes later. I have 6 massive tomato plants already in pots and they are over 3 feet tall, I'll put them in there too.

We will have to put up a little rabbit fence as they eat everything! We started about 25 sunflower seeds last Spring and I had them in peet pots in the front flower bed. B the time they were 4" high the bunnies sheared them off. We were so mad, but felt sorry that they were so hungry too. I have sunflower sprouts all the time and they are amazingly delicious, go figure. I'll post pictures as the process unfolds.

Good news about Bill's son, he is recovering well and is home! Prayers answered!

The Donation Yoga classes in Northville have an addition of 8pm on Wednesday.

My summer schedule at Commerce LTF is changing a bit, Wednesday at 11, Friday at 11 and e/o Saturday at 11. The Saturday class is the biggest change, it's now 75 minutes earlier! The Poolside Yoga class is on for 8pm on Thursday night, it will be a beautiful series.

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