Monday, June 22, 2009


My sister and I took the kids to Proud Lake and rented canoes today. We are so glad that we choose the short trip. It was one and a half hours upstream to a dam where we parked our canoes and went for a swim. It was so nice and peaceful, until a million kids from camp showed up and screamed...a lot....I mean loudly....really scary stuff. Our downstream trip back with the little boys paddling in front took a lot less time and was a lot easier. I am so whipped! Take a break from your regular routine and do something different. Find a local park or campground and live on the wild side (spiders, fish and birds of course).

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Anonymous said...

Hi Trisha! I live on Proud Lake... upper Proud, and we just got a new Pontoon boat. Its awesome going out on the two lakes- upper and lower and take the channel through Moss Lake and to the dam. Jumping in for a refreshing swim- but we always see big fish and turtles, right close by- then I get out quick! Where did you access from? The trails back there are awesome too- but very buggy! My new hobby is photographing the wildlife on the lakes- there are so many large birds, swan families, herons and sand hill cranes. Welcome to my world! ~Lani