Sunday, June 7, 2009

Twigim at Cosmo in Kerrytown

Yum!!! Twigim is a combo of potato, green bean, carrot and onion that is tempura breaded, seasoned and fried. It was relly good! We also went to the artisan market and I got a necklace with an octopus on it. It's really cute, Ann Sheppard made it. Her company is She hand makes polymer clay shapes then puts photo transfers on them. She sells different styles online than at the Kerrytown Artisan Market. Get out there and support local farmers and artisans! We went to Urban Outfitter and I found some really cool clothes, they own Anthropology my favorite clothes store. Gar and I met Vic and Alex and we all went to South University and got bubble tea and went skate shoe shopping at Launch.

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