Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good karma

What does it mean to give or have good karma? During the karma flow class at the conference, Seane Corn said that karma exists to take a soul to it's path through this lifetime. What happens is supposed to happen. Not easy to understand or accept sometimes. Good karma is the act of kindness, forgiveness or loving. Non-judgmental acceptance and an ability to see the right where we find wrong is a gift. She shared many amazing stories and really inspired me to be more active in human rights movements. She said that she continues to do activist work to keep her good karma flow coming. Greed and hoarding stop karma and we become a smaller version of ourselves. Checkout the work she is doing

Give some good karma today! A smile, hug or a prayer for someone spreads this goodness.

Thanks for the suggestion Jen, the pic I took does look good as the header for my blog!

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