Sunday, June 7, 2009

Favorite songs

One of our friends inquired about the songs I play during class. By no means is this a complete list. I will add to it when I come across new goodies.

All Moby albums!
Lovers Lounge cd
Paint the sky with stars cd- Enya
Perfect balance :music for healing vol 2
Sanctuary cd- Magna Canta
Come away with me and thinking about you- Norah Jones
Simon and Garfunkle’s greatest hits
Music for yoga cd
Prana cd
Boys and girls Ingrid Michaelson
Life for rent cd-Dido
Mantra girl cd
David Gordon has lots of songs and cds
Starlight- Muse
Mezzanine Cd-Massive Attack
Ever so Lonely-Shelia Chandra
Quelqu'un M'a Dit- Carla Bruni
Let it Be me- Ray LaMontagne
Devotion-Steven De Ruby
Unlike Me (remastered)-Kate Havnevik
All I want from you is love-Let's go Sailing

Newer songs I added recently (thanks to Cindy and Kelli's awesome playlists):
P.M. Dawn –Set adrift on memory bliss (not radio edition)
Breathe- Telepopmusik
Breathe you in (Eric Kupper Remix)- Samantha James
Focus on Sight -Thievery Corporation
Rise-Samantha James
Big deal- Everything but the girl
Trouble me- 10,000 Maniacs
Don’t you evah -Spoon
I found you (feat Celso Fonseca) Samantha James
Time steals the day- Milosh
So far away –Donovan Franken
Humming- Deva Premal and Miten
Shanti (Peace out) -Mc Yogi
Let go –Frou Frou

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