Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Presence is the focus of my daily existence, the depth to which I am able to really connect to what I am doing. I feel a deeper connection to everything I do, from eating (yoga meals of course), to petting my dogs. I feel free from distractions, like a veil has been lifted so I can see clearly. A calm peaceful existence and an attachment to freedom are my tools to living my happiest life.

How does one find presence? Meditation...either a silent breath focused sit or a calming tea sipping 15 minutes of quite contemplation. Shut off the TV, the Ipod and the phone. Just settle in with yourself. Allow yourself to sink into a comfortable awareness of the breath as it enters your nose. Allow feelings and thoughts to gravitate to the surface and exhale them away. Emotions that surface are not responded to, physical pain and discomfort are not registered as being yours. Let them exist as a separate sensation that you do not respond to.

Today my students thanked me for bring so patient with them. I said "Of course I am patient, what kind of yoga teacher would I be if I were impatient?" They laughed, and smiled as we recalled how little they could so prior to their yoga experience. They have come so far and are okay with having a long way to go still. Its all about being present, appreciating the moment we have right now.

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