Sunday, February 15, 2009

Much ado about nothing.

Hmmmmmmm...the luxury of an un-rushed morning! The sun tried to fight it's way into my room through my curtains, but I kept my eyes closed. I rolled over to spy the time and could not believe that it was 10:15. I lingered for a few more minutes, just looking at the ceiling; feeling my soft covers and enjoying the ability to not have to do anything or be anywhere, I just was, present, still and peaceful. We didn't have to be at Alex's game until 12:30, so I got to sleep in. What a nice treat after being so busy and up so early lately. On the way to his game, and to Ann Arbor there is a house on the side of Plymouth Road that always catches my eye. It is old, perhaps from 1850 or so, a Greek Revival with the stone dairy house, and out buildings intact. It has been vacant for as long as I can remember. I first noticed it when I worked at U of M, as I passed it every day on my way to work. It was white, but has turned grey with age and neglect. I used to imagine the mother on the porch watching her children playing, the happiness they felt as they ran around the farm. It is an eerie looking place now but surely was loved and cared for a long time ago. It is boarded up, so it looks really bad now. I always look at it, not sure why but it calls out to me. I feel sad for it, it could be a beautiful home if restored. I would love to build a home like it in the future. The How to be Happy All The Time book is exactly what I thought it would be, so true! It is all about how to be present, free of attachment and full of joy. I feel a little restless though, I really need to go to the beach! I love the ocean, how it smells, how the sand feels and how the heat is so concentrated and warms you to the bone. Vic wants to move somewhere warm, I languish at the thought. I think it would get old after a while, I do love the seasons, and's the best! Pretty soon my tulips and daffodils will be peeking up out of the soil and Spring will be here. I'm going to make Dal for dinner (Lentils, tomatoes and potatoes, with onions and spices). I'm running up to the store to find a paper filing nemesis is paperwork that floats around the house from the buffet, to the place by the phone to my desk. I want to handle things once then be done with it.

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