Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Long week

I had an awesome Monday, it started out with a Vinyasa class with Johnny, then Nikki and I had lunch here and registered for the Midwest Yoga Conference. I can't wait to go, and take all those classes, rest and not have to take care of the house! I then taught three classes and didn't make it home until 9. Tuesday was a little slower, allowing me to get caught up with some rest. My classes are going so well , and the students are so nice! I am so grateful for having so many good people to share yoga with! I went on a cooking bender and made tons of good food. My favorite snack was the roasted sweet potato with lemon juice, and pepper and a little honey, YUM!! Today was fun with two classes and another busy afternoon, Alex is now studying Greek culture and mythology. We had fun researching the root meaning of words from Greek mythology that are used in modern times. My friend Ann got me a book called Gorgeously Green for my birthday back in September. I had a few chances to thumb through it but due the heavy reading load during teacher training, I am now actually delving into it. It is a really good guide to finding healthy alternatives to everyday products and fashion. is the website that you can find info as well. I am still reading the How to be happy all the time book as well.

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