Thursday, February 26, 2009

.....cold.....cold.....icy cold...bleak....gray....go away

I am really, really tired of this weather. I am not loving the frigid bleakness. We went to Deanna's today and had lunch. I made homemade banana muffins, they were good:) She bought a ton of my favorite cookies and of course I had like 5! We enjoyed some really good tea, I think it was called something moon or the other. It was from Tranquilitea. We (2 moms and 6 kids) took a walk to downtown Plymouth (a few blocks from her house). I was frostbitten by the time we made it to the bead store. I had such a nice time with her, she is one of my favorite people to spend time with. She is always nice, funny and just really good to be with. She is getting the yoga bug, and has been practicing consistently until she got sick. It seems that everyone has this two week cough with complete exhaustion. I literally have grown roots into my sofa! I hate to crawl out from under my pink wool blanket, unless I absolutely have to. I recharge enough to teach my classes, cook for the family and tidy up the house. Then I crash again! Vic is convinced that it is the cold. I think I am using too much energy just staying warm. I'm craving chocolate like a fiend. I ate two Cadbury bars since yesterday. I need to lay on a warm, sandy beach. Hmmm... I'll meditate on that.

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