Sunday, February 8, 2009

Competetive Edge Skating Family Yoga Week 4

Beautiful practice everyone! Energy and presence, breath and movement all linked and harmonious. Try to eat one yoga meal a day, with special consideration to the following guidelines that my teacher gave to us:


Date: __________________Place: _________________________________

Time begun: ________Time ended: _______Who with: ___________________________________

1. Remained seated. Yes ______ No ______

2. Refrained from conversation while chewing. Yes ____ No ____ (if no, % of meal _____)

3. Refrained from any external distractions: Yes _____ No ______

4. Waited until food was completely chewed and swallowed before picking up my next bite. Yes _____ No ______ (if no, % of meal _______)

5. Refrained from putting more than two handfuls of food on my plate at any one time. Finished eating my two handfuls, then waited 3-5 minutes before taking more food. Yes ______ No ______

6. Waited 2-6 hours before taking my next meal. Yes _____ No _____

Comments: (How did you enjoy your meal? What were you thinking and feeling while you ate? What was difficult? What are you learning about yourself?)

It was interesting to jot down my response to these questions and to look back at how my awareness and appreciation grew.

Remember to take those 15 minutes a day to focus on your breath and to connect with it.

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