Monday, February 2, 2009


I attended Johnnie's Vinyasa today, he shared a student's experience with the class. She told him that she experienced the best class ever. What made it so wonderful was that she was completely present. It didn't matter what the flow was, or the music nor the teacher's words. Just the sense of being completely present led her to open a new level to explore. I listened and let go. I let myself completely sink into the practice, I shed the apprehension that I may have a hard time (right knee is still not strong as the left). I connected to my breath and to the flow so deeply, I have a hard time remembering exactly what we did. I try to remember flows to incorporate new moves in my classes, but this class was different. During teacher training he would call me out to teach sun A or B to the class, that led to a kind of "oh no, what is he going to do today?" feeling, kind of uneasy. I felt safe and relaxed and decided that if he called on me, i would ignore him....he he he. Just kidding. It felt that he was right next to me the entire class, when I stumbled in the extended hand to big toe pose, he was there and caught me. It was so hard at times, but I didn't want it to end. It was a good sense of difficulty and presence.

Presence is a state of mind, an attitude and a priceless ability. It can be thought of as an ability to focus on what is happening right at that moment. Not the past or future, just that second. Free from distractions, obsessive thoughts and insecurities one is free to immerse themselves into their lives, instead of being a spectator.

Find a new, deeper sense of presence in your life.

I taught a slow flow feedback session to Corrine and Nicole. I am so grateful for their time and guidance.

I went to Whole Foods and got some Aurvedic soap, incense, lentils (French green and red), and lots of fruit and vegetables. I made vegetarian burritos and a huge salad for dinner, it was so good especially after the junk food party we had yesterday for the Superbowl. I yelled at the TV so much I am hoarse today. Especially when the Cardinal goofed that last throw, what was that? Ahh, impermanence.


Jen said...

Mmm... great words. I did my Hot Vinyasa tonight too! It's my favorite night of the week. Presence makes yoga feels like dancing.

I like how honest you are about all your feelings during class and how you process them.

Your new follower post was funny!
Good night my fellow yoga-lover.

Yoga Trish said...

Hello yogini! Honesty is a lesson in humility as well. Being honest allows me to not always be right, and to learn from failures. I'm glad that you are loving Vinyasa, when it's's sooooo good!