Friday, December 19, 2008

7 axioms to live by

My teacher shared these truths with us, and with his permission to share I set them out to the universe for all those who seek greater insight.

I developed a mnemonic deice to remember them, so they are in a new order but none is more important than the next, it is LEFTYEE

Laughter and play are life's fountain of youth
Exercise and rest are essential for good health
Fear and pain are life's greatest teachers
Touch and intimacy are basic human needs
You are exactly where you should be in your life and in your practice
Everything is connected
Everything is impermanent

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful and inspiring writings and Christmas family album! They are all so heartwarming! I'm glad you got a great graduation celebration- YOU SO DESERVE IT!!! You should feel very proud of yourself and self fulfilled. We are coming to the winter Solsitice tomorrow... the shortest day of the year with the least LIGHT, and we need to invoke the Light to shine within ourselves, to hold the balance. I have a gift for you, which I may have to give you post-Christmas, since Friday was a Snow Day!
Celebrate the Season~ Much Love, Lani