Monday, December 15, 2008

My experience with yoga school

1. It has been way more normal than I could have imagined (visions of treacherous poses and strange chanting were no where to be found).
2. I am completely taken aback at how much I have allowed myself to change and grow.
3. I am so absolutely thrilled at the prospect of the rest of my life being even better than it was because of this experience.
4. Really understanding and appreciating the impermanence of life is a gift, as one doesn't dare take a minute for granted.
5. It has been the most difficult endeavor I have ever embarked on and lived to tell about my journey.
6. I am really sad it is coming to an end, which really surprises me due to the fact that I really hated it for a while!
7. If my teacher had told me that I could/would be able to undergo such an amazing transformation in 12 weeks, I would have told him that "I didn't think so". Luckily I didn't limit myself and had no expectations.
8. I am happy I presented my teacher with a "tabla rasa" (blank slate) upon which to write his wisdom upon.
9. I am so eternally grateful for the friendships we forged during this experience. I am blessed and filled with joy to call these people my friends.
10. I am grateful for the equanimity I have developed and how it has helped me in so many ways (emotional stability, less impulsivity, more concentration and focus and a clearer and broader, more horizontal approach to daily life).

I feel so open and aware and quietly alert. I feel completely in control and have a new found ability to really stop and think before I act! Wow an old dog can learn new tricks!!

Thank you Mr. Kest, Jason and all the teachers who have inspired me and allowed me to attend, observe and assist with classes. Your shadows are tall and I humbly walk in them as I tread toward new experiences!

In Love and Light~

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