Monday, December 22, 2008

Nice day out

I had a great afternoon. I attended a Christmas Party with the dance teachers that work at the studio that I teach yoga at. We had a nice lunch at Rocky's, then we swapped secret Santa presents. Miss Jill went to Lucy for my gift, she is so awesome! I met Miss Peggy, who is a fellow yogi and Mr. Kest fan. She is so pretty and tiny! Gawd, I felt like an elephant next to her. I am lucky to know so many nice people. I am always an optimist and people prove me right time and time again. My back is finally feeling better (it's been really sore since Wednesday). It's so cold my nose and fingertips have permafrost! Please stay warm and drink lots of tea!!

A thought on attachment, that little inconvenience that keeps us from seeing and accepting the truth. Attachment plagues us in many ways including: expectations of what others should do (as if they are psychic), the ensuing disappointment that is a product of our maladaptive thoughts and demands, clinging to the anger that is produced, the sense of entitlement regarding what society and the world at large "owe" us, the inability to accept situations for what they are to be at peace with whatever is.

Let life happen, take it for a joyride!

Smile and sing really loudly or my favorite is to do "pirate talk" at the grocery store when I'm shopping with the kids. Just have fun and relax!

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