Sunday, March 1, 2009


The essence of trust is to have faith in something or someone. Trust is like an essence of comfort. We trust others to do what they commit to, to be dependable or to be honest. How much do we trust ourselves to make the right decisions for our lives? What guides us? When you really think about it, we are kind of on autopilot. Milling about with our activities of daily living; wake up, eat, shower, work, practice yoga, cook, clean, sleep...and over and over..with a few derivations throw in. How present are we and how much do we trust God to guide us? God guides us? Absolutely, when we let him. We have interactions, meet people, make decisions and act according to a set of rules or laws that are socially acceptable. These guidelines did not appear from thin air. Do you live your life or does your life live you? Be honest and trust yourself to make decisions, make them with consideration to goodness. Make desisions with a sense of faith and trust in God. A long time ago I was chatting with my brother in law about religion and said that I "just feel okay, I feel that I am taken care of." My faith and trust in God give me a sense of support that I am not alone with my decisions. His new baby has opened a sense of awe and wonder for the glory of God, I can hear it in his voice. A little miracle that brings new life and love. Don't let opportunities to trust yourself and others escape your attention.


Jen said...

How is that Happiness book you are reading?

I can't remember which post you wrote the title and author on, could you jot that down again? I was thinking it sounded like a good read.

Btw, you can just respond on this comment page if you want to...cuz I check the box that says "Email follow-up comments...", and then it comes to my email box.

Thanks my yogi friend.
PS. I'm drinking my delicious dirt drink right now. LOL!

Yoga Trish said...

It is happy! It's called How to be Happy all the Time by Paramhansa Yogananda. It is basically exactly what I tell my friends and students. I Hope you enjoy your tea, I'll have to get some:)

Jen said...