Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring cleaning!

My Spring cleaning bug has hit and I'm delving into the deep recesses of my closet and retracting goodies to donate. I have too many things to deal with and need to clean out some of it so I can be free to play more! Stuff is a burden! I am only shopping for songs on Itunes and food! I read about this group of people in San Fransisco who made a pact to purchase nothing new (except for food) for one year. I wonder how it went, honestly? I guess they could shop at resale shops and the such. I am cleaning out my room and then moving onto the basement and mudroom pantry. I have to eliminate at least 30% of this stuff and then I will get to the essence of what we really need and use. I'm hoping that I can be done soon, before the weather breaks. Once Spring is here I won't be in the house much!

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