Friday, March 13, 2009


The Science of Breath is an excellent book that explains the different breathing techniques that are available to use to strengthen and improve lung function. I have been practicving many of the exercises and have noticed a difference in my lung capacity. I just read an article that yoga helps to lessen the severity of symptoms of menopause. Literally every day I am learning more and more about the health benefits of a yoga practice. It is important to realize that the best results are achieved when one practices the "yogic life style" that encompasses all attrbutes of healthy living, thinking and yoga.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Trish! I was amazed in class today at Lifetime, when you told us you were tested for body fat composition & you were at only 12%! Similar to a fit male athlete- that is incredible! You do teach us some intense Yoga workouts and your Detox soup diet Including fruit and tea,sounds beyond light! I remember last year when you were doing the 21 day Oprah detox diet and how tough that was. You are an inspiration to your students- like when you balance your whole form on your forearms! We are in awe...
Wish I could do it! ~Lani