Tuesday, May 20, 2008

mother and baby rabbits

I'm doing laundry in the mudroom and the dogs are going crazy. After a few minutes or so I go into the family room to see what is going on and I see a rabbit next to the window and back of the garage. I look closer and see 4 little bodies under her. She was nursing her babies. I called the guys over and we joked about how "fierce" our dogs were that the mother rabbit choose to make her "nest" right by the house. We watched as she cleaned them and cared for them, the kids were amazed that she didn't flinch when the dogs barked on and on. The little ones looked very healthy and so cute! As much as despise them for eating my hostas and flowers, I have to say they are so adorable, and hungry like the rest of nature. Look a little closer and enjoy lifes little bits of joy !
Namaste, Tricia

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