Tuesday, May 27, 2008

21 day detox ...day 1

So my sister tells me that she is beginning a 21day detox program on Tuesday (today) I say I'll do it with her and her friend at work. I am not yet a vegetarian, but am heading there (I generally consume very little meat) I do love coffee, chocolate and cheese, pasta and an occasional bag of healthy cheese curls. I for see my biggest hurdle with the food part being the cheese. I have a cheese stick with some whole grain crackers almost every day for a snack or lunch. Caffeine is my hugest hurdle overall, realistically I am going to wean myself off over 3days otherwise my brain will explode! Here are the detox guidelines: No dairy, refined sugar in any source, meat, fish, alcohol, caffeine, gluten (wheat). I have had only a half cup of coffee with almond milk today. I am off to cook some barley and make a salad for lunch! Wish us luck!!! My sister and I are commenting on this goblogger blog about our daily success and stuggles. Come back and wish us luck!


Yoga Trish said...

Oh my is this hard! I really want some candy! I am really sleepy too.

Anonymous said...

You are very brave... that sounds really hard! Don't lose too much weight- you are skinny enough! and GOOD LUCK!!! Let us know how it's going in Yoga class Friday 11:00 at Lifetime. I hope you can keep up your strength- you need it! ~Lani

lfjenk27@comcast.net said...

Hi Trish,

Class was great today (sunday 11am)!! I'm really interested in your detox program. What are you eating?? Coco-coco coffee (coffee/hot chocolate mix) is my favorite drink at least once a day. I'm also challenged with my sugar and bread intake. Help (smile)!! les