Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 3

Being the realistic person that I am, I knew that this detox would be very difficult. It is. I allowed myself 3 days to "wean" off the caffeine, lest I would have the most humongous headaches. I am finally past the sugar, bread and caffeine cravings but I'm very tired from teaching 4 classes yesterday. My sister has been in court for her job the last 2 days and is doing better than I. I'm really proud of her!

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susan jergens said...

Well almost hit 3 days and at times I have to question why am I doing this??? am I nuts??

Overall I think I have done very well. I have finally hit the grocery store and purchased some items to help me along this journey. I even bought rice bread at $5.69 yikes!!!

I should also be done with caffeine. Overall I have lost my cravings for sweets, dairy and meat. Bread is the most challenging go figure. I never even ate that much to begin with!!

Till next time! your big sis.