Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bird Funeral

I found a dead baby robin in the flower bed today. We held a funeral for it. My 7 year old made a little head stone and we said a prayer for it. My kids have never lost a loved one yet and death is still an immeasurable mystery to them. We pass several old cemeteries on our way to Ann Arbor and we look at the big old gravestones as we drive past. The kids wonder about the people laid to rest there, their names, what they did and how they lived (without the comfort of the internet and TV). We've sheilded them from the death of pets, I can't see stressing a 4 year old out over a dead guinea pig that he "forgot" to play with. They still think Miss Piggy is living in the woods with a band of rogue hamsters, enjoying their days frolicing in the leaves and moss! Little do they know. Sometimes it's the best way.

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