Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lush Karma

My new obsession is with this smell! Go to Lush in 12 Oaks and smell this stuff, it's warm and very relaxing.


Anonymous said...

Hey crazy Patricia....
My favorite smell were the Leigh cooling shelfs in a Hawaiian supermarket. They keep them in there like frozen food. Poke your nose into it and you are in paradice. You find the same all over the island but that was good for the daily dose!!
I love your classes and your core work out has made me so much stronger (it hurts though). I was just lap swimming yesterday and thought I had such better 'form'.
Happy sunday!


Anonymous said...

You must mean- "Lei" as in the fragrant flower leis which are worn around your neck. I was born in Hawaii and pikake leis are my favorite! So sweet! Where is this Lush Store at 12-Oaks Mall- Trish? I haven't found it yet and would like to sniff Karma and try it on~Why would you call Trish "crazy Ralf? She pushes us to our limit and is in incredible shape herself I am still sore from Friday's class

Yoga Trish said...

He is joking, although whoisn't a little nuts? Lush is on the lower level by Nordstrom, past Lucy. It is so smelly you can tell when you are close.