Friday, July 24, 2009

Light on Life

We went to Border's today to get the boy's summer reading books and I picked up a copy of Iyengar's Light on Life for me. Just finished the intro, looks like a book I can relate to. I'll let you know how it goes.

We got baby Ash a set of chunky books and he loved being read to. He even pointed out the baby on the pages! Taking care of a baby is tiring, I forgot how much attention it requires. I am glad my boys are so into caring for him. Alex, our 12 year old is completely smitten with him. He feeds him, plays with him and loves him so much; what joy! We are surprised that Garrett has taken the role of "big" boy and we joke that he handed the golden baby shoes to Ash. He is so protective and very concerned about his comfort and safety. My boys received so much love and affection, so they have so much to give!

All the classes have been going great, especially the Hockey team. So focused and so dedicated! I'm excited to have a few days off to spend more time with Ash before they go back to Hong Kong.

The website is growing like a proverbial baby and I have so much work to do with researching the different types of yoga. I will be busy for sure.

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