Monday, July 20, 2009

Thai young coconut

We had to try a Thai young coconut after seeing them at the Red Pepper Deli. I looked up how to open it (I love the internet) and we had quite an interesting experience. The juice is so much sweeter than a mature coconut and very fragrant. I scooped out the coconut meat from the inside of the shell and was surprised to find it very strange. It was gelatinous, jiggly and almost slimy. It tasted like a very soft rendition of coconut but the texture made me cringe. Two bites later and it went on the compost heap.

My garden is doing so well! I am so excited to grow veggies! My Swiss chard is 8" long and my tomatoes (60) are huge and green.

Make a fresh salad and throw in some Pepitas and cherries. Yum!

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