Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Drum roll please:::::::: Here is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. My little blog has grown up and become a real website! I will be blogging on my new website from now on. I will blog here about once a week to keep you updated, and will continue to use this blog as an outreach support tool for specific groups.

http://yoga-poses-and-beyond.com. A website all about the world of yoga beyond the postures.

Find it by either scrolling down to the near bottom of this blog and double click the ling in the helpful website section, or highlight the link, paste it to your browser search bar and click to go to the new site. Click here and bookmark it so you can visit.

You can also subscribe to my new blog and get RSS feeds at the new site.

A website all about the world of yoga beyond the postures.


Anonymous said...

Your new website is very impressive and informative! I like it alot. Would it be possible to include a comment area for students to talk about their personal growth experiences? That is the only thing I miss. Loved the music during class today- Friday (7/17/09) at LTF and the Core & balance challenges! I'll feel it tomorrow... I'm going to the West coast next week- Portland, Oregon for a week~ ALOHA! Lani

Yoga Trish said...
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Yoga Trish said...

Hi Lani, thank you for the kind words! Have a great time in the Pacific Northwest. I am working on a comment area and will have it up soon. Thank you for visiting the new site, you are always such a wonderfully supportive person.

I liked the music too!

Anonymous said...

class was intensebut very invigorating. I had a headache before class after class it was gone. I was tense before class from my busy day. After class I felt relax, relieved and energized.