Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Question of the week

My yoga training classes have homework and this question was from week 1. It is a great point to reflect on. I'll share mine, please feel free to click comment and share yours as well.

Your question may be what is your higheat aim and how does it relate to your current awareness building activities ie, religious studies, self help or awareness activies or goals and how your are achieving them.

Question #5, What is your highest aim and how does it relate to your yoga practice?

My highest aim is very simple but very difficult to achieve. It is simply to live in love. My view of humanity, society and the greater causes of our times have deteriorated to a shock fest of immorality, gluttony and excess. My greatest joy and my reason for living are to serve God. I know this is not possible if there is negativity and anger in my thought process. Living in love is my simple mantra to keep my thoughts clear, to trust, to love, to nurture, care for, share and be thankful for all of my blessings. Where there is great light, no darkness can overcome it. Love and light are goodness and peacefulness, freedom from fear and doubt. All ancient religions and philosophies have the same basic precepts that revolve around proper conduct. These basic rules lead to happiness and goodness because the person and society have the basis for a good life, free from drama, anger and negativity. My yoga practice has brought this realization to life for me. I no longer derive pleasure from shopping for stuff that I really don’t need, because none of it ever made me happy. Inner peace and tranquility make me happy. Yoga gives me the tools to tune into my inner goodness. My journey in life has and will have me meet and share experiences with many different people. I hope to leave everyone that I meet a little better off after our paths cross.

Living in love~ Tricia

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