Monday, September 8, 2008

Stain remover that really works!

My family was headed to A2 to get Alex some school shoes from Launch last Sunday. I ate a granola bar dipped in chocolate on the way there. I happened to look down at my seat and saw a chunk of melted chocolate on the seat near my leg. I wiped it up and forgot about it. My eerily correct gut instinct kicked in and caused me to think "what if there was more chocolate on the seat?" I lifted my right leg up and gasped as I looked at the back of my thigh. There was more chocolate, and it found it's way on the back of my kakhi shorts, a three inch long smear of chocolate. It looked like, oh I don't know maybe poop! Had it been on my knee, no biggie, but on the back of my leg! AHHH!!! I frantically searched the truck for a baby wipe, or anything to get it off. Nothing! I can't walk around Ann Arbor with a brown smear on the back of my leg ! Damn Then I remembered seeing a stain wipe I got at the Plymouth Green Fair in my little pocket of my purse. I got it out, praying that it would work. Amazingly, it did. All the chocolate came out instantly and it left no watermark. The wipe was so big and saturated with cleaners, I folded it back over and put it back in the pouch. I later used it again on Garrett's spaghetti stain like 4 days later. I am so happy to find something that really works! They are available at Better health for 2.69 for 5 or at Whole Foods 2.99. These are worth every penny!

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