Friday, April 24, 2009

A week free of blogging

I literally had a week free of computing, I mean I did not turn it on! I check my emails via Blackberry and have been too tired and busy to sink into the trap of computing. One site leads to another and before I know it, it's three hours later!

I have been trying to get to the root of my coffee addiction and it dawned on me that I need to go to sleep earlier. I am so tired when I wake up I need coffee. On Tuesday, I began my anti-coffee lasted until lunch at Panera with Deanna...I slipped twice. I have habits I have to break (I'll get tea next time). I have to wean myself off!

Last weekend was busy with 2 lacrosse games and a family party. I subbed Erin's class on Sunday, she always subs for me (good karma comes and goes around). I went to Johnnie's class on Monday, it was amazing! It was so hard but good. I taught in Northville, and got a chance to discuss the Donation yoga in the daytime, at the studio. We'll see when we can start it up. I crashed at 10:30.

Tuesday I had a nice lunch with Deanna and then we went to her sisters to care for the triplets. I got to hold George and Lainie, I also fed her and gave her a bath. I miss having babies! They smell so good, her eyes so clear with innocence. They are such adorable and precious blessings! My class went well later that day and I crashed at 10:15!

Wednesday's two classes went wonderfully and still coffee free! I have been eating brown rice bread, instead of wheat. Last weekend I developed hives after eating a bagel, and crackers. I got the bread at Trader Joes, my kids were tossing it around it's like a brick. It is very dense but moist. It tastes good toasted with pb&j. No coffee or bread!

I woke up with a splitting migraine on Thursday, so I had to miss Corrinne's Yinyasa. I am so sad:( The nausea was terrible but I had to pull myself together. My class for the team was killer hard and I think they developed a new appreciation for finding their edge! I had Bunco at 7:30 so I took a nap, hoping to get rid of my headache. It partially subsided, but came back on when I found out that one of our school families was in a huge roll over accident while driving back from Florida. I haven't cried in a long time, but just imagining how this mom felt as she looked back and her kids were on the highway. I lost it. They are all right, Alex's classmate had to be taken to a hospital on a helicopter. They are alive because they drove a big SUV ( it flipped front to end a few times). The mom may need a shoulder surgery. I am so thankful that they are all right.

I'm still coffee free and ready for bed! Bonsoir!

Another long weekend with another family party, a class in Brighton and two Lacrosse games!

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