Monday, April 27, 2009

Rude awakening!

I have been painfully coffee free for 6 entire days...144 hours...8640 minutes...518,400 seconds. I have a slight understanding of the grip of addiction. I have thought about coffee a lot, I actually had to tell myself to leave the store when I was at Trader Joe's today. I mean I literally, loudly told myself to leave the store. Why you ask? The coffee smelled so good, they were brewing a fresh pot. That is when it hit me, my habits perpetuate my coffee addiction and I have to be aware of what triggers my craving. I used to drink about a pot to a pot and a half a day. All day long, every time I got tired, I had a cuppa joe, or tea. Now I am down to two cups of black tea a day and lots of herbal teas and water all day long. Talk about a huge change. I went to bed at 9:18 last night! I used to stay up until 12:30 or 1a.m. My sleep patterns are what triggered me to understand why I couldn't give the coffee up. I had a blazing headache for days last week, but feel fine now! In case you were wondering, I skipped the two little cups of coffee at TJ's today. I felt victorious!

Vic is giving me a hard time about kicking the coffee habit. I think he is upset because he knows that I will never make it for him. Now that I don't drink it anymore, he will be on coffee duty forever....Ha Ha Ha...

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