Sunday, November 16, 2008

Long weekend

I have taught 7 classes in the past 50 hours. I am a bit tired, although I have to say I get so much energy from the friends that gather to practice. I love how the snow looks as it clings to the branches. Enjoy the beauty of the season.
Nasty thought of the day: It freaks me out to think about how many people don't wash their hands after using the restroom then touch the door to leave. ( I watched a woman literally splash two drops of water on her hands then walk out). More germs are spread doing that than if she didn't wash at all!!! I trained my kids to wash their hands well, then use a piece of paper towel to open the door.


Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS WINTER PHOTO!!! Did you take that? Thank you for adjusting my neck and shoulders last Friday class... and those cinnamon almond snacks in the free pack were delicious! Also in that class during our inverted postures I'd held my wheel for longer than I ever have and was feeling strained when I came down- which is why I couldn't try the more challenging version (one leg up in tree position) You'll understand!! Everything in its own time... Hope you are managing your busy schedule!! Love your puppy pic too- resting on his tennis ball- how cute! Namaste~ Lani

Yoga Trish said...

It is a clip art photo, too pretty to pass up. I'm seeing a huge difference with your energy. Namaste! Tricia