Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cold, early morning

I woke up at 4:50 am. I felt pretty good, rolled out of bed and got ready for class. I had enough time to make two cups of chai for our road trip and I was off. My car was so covered in frost, that I could only see out of a two square inch section of the windshield. Your senses are really heightened when you need them to be! I got to Nikki's house to pick her up and we were off. We always laugh about how crazy it is to go to class so early, thank God I have her to go with or else I'd still be hitting the snooze!!! She made cheese pie and brought some for us. She is so awesome (it is fantastic by the way). We got to the Center by 6:10, we ran in to escape the cold. I slipped off my coat, my second jacket and my nightgown (I was so cozy I couldn't bear to take it off) and I shivered as I stepped out of my shoes onto the cold stone floor. I put my practice shirt on and jogged toward the studio door. Just as I expected, my warm cozy cocoon. I rolled my mat out in front of the teacher's and noticed that it wasn't Johnny. The first thought was that Milla had the baby...I was right! I'm not sure who led the class but she was good, as are all the teachers. I felt like slacking because of my back but I didn't. I feel so much better after a practice than before it. I am really loving this early morning ritual. It makes me so much more appreciative of the experiences I am allowed to partake in. I have found my way home. I feel so different than I did before. I feel so free, I don't worry like I used to. I just feel really happy.

Find some happiness today!

Love and Light~ Tricia

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Anonymous said...

Wow- it is sooo... cold!! Its too early for winter to set in. I can't imagine being up that early- unless I had a flight to catch. I admire your motivation!! You sound so alive... and know you are growing inside and out! We do love the new flows you're showing us and I for one can see and feel a new strength developing within me. I can now hover in crocodile for three breaths and push up into Up-dog. Its a simple thing I know- but the fact that I can actually do it- is huge for me! Can you also re-visit the previous flows we've mastered so we don't forget them? Its fun to mix it up- and I love your classes- they're the best! Your music is inspiring and our bodies are benefitting. I know I am hopelessly addicted- like you were talking about last week- and its a very good thing! Thanks for being your best and helping us to bring that out in ourselves... Namaste~ Lani