Thursday, November 13, 2008

busy day, late posting

I had the luxury of time today. I actually dusted the banister and staircase spindles! Oh what joy to have a few hours to myself! I got a voice mail from a fellow instructor. I just got the message today so I called right away. It turns out it was from yesterday (At&T step it up people). We started taking yoga and nearly an hour later I felt that I knew him for many years. It's funny how people can connect at a really tangible level despite not ever speaking face to face. I told him his enthusiasm for yoga reminds me of what I must sound like when I speak to others. I told him he's my yoga twin.

My thought of the day is actually a question:

Do you change your perception of a person once you actually get to know them, even if you prejudged them?

In this case he admitted that he thought I was stuck up (we attended the same meeting once). I was surprised to hear that because I didn't talk much. It goes to show you that it is dangerous to assume that you know anything about a person without getting to know them. He said he would have never thought that we could have had such a great conversation. I said "Why." Give people a chance to share themselves with you, then find the goodness in them.

In love and light~ Tricia

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