Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Off to class again

Hi Lani!!!!

We're on the 6th week of class and I think we're venturing into Vinyasa tonight. I finally feel caught up. Man's search for meaning from Victor Frankel is a really thought inducing book.

I have a question for you:

How can you change one aspect in your life that you view as negative?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing Trish! In answer to your question.. First I think you need to decide its something which needs changing and worth the energy to do it. I liked the technique you demonstrated which is linked to focusing on the breath to go beyond a craving. You can also transcend a negative condition using light, which overcomes darkness and love to displace anything less than itself.So attention first to the problem- a desire to change it and then the application of spiritual Law. Namaste...Lani

Yoga Trish said...

I am always inspired to view any "negative" situation or occurrance as an opportunity to increase my awarenss of my thoughts and reactions to things. Obivously negative occurrances and situations sometimes have more to offer than "the happy times in life." I feel that our reactions serve as either inspiration to encourace others to improve their thoughts and actions or if negative can serve as "negative fuel for the fire" leading to more unhappiness. Take a step back and look at the way you handled something, if it was not a neutral or positive reaction rethink what you could have done differently. If you had made that choice to act in a more positive way would you have remembered it as much as a negative reaction? Chances are that the negative actions we commit are like a sticky mud on our souls and minds. Look down and walk around the mud puddle and smile before you react...act instead!