Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What I ate part 1

I eat as much organic as possible.

Yesterday I fasted until 1pm (coffee only),then I had a low carb wrap, with sliced red peppers, low fat turkey and full fat ranch dip, fruit and fiber bar. For a snack I had a small bowl of pinto beans and orange juice. For dinner I had Roschti potatoes (so good!) fish, green beans and tea. I had 4 -6 chocolate foil wrapped Easter egg candies, tons of baby carrots and ranch dip, a mozarella cheese stick and more H2O!

Today I had coffee and a peice of whole grain toast with cream cheese at 8am, fasted until 1 pm then had a low carb wrap after yoga class with butter, a cheese stick, then I got Kentucky Fried Chicken, potatoes, macaroni and biscuits! The kids wanted it and I caved. It tasted very good but I don't feel good now. I need to go and eat some veggies and fruit.

Tomorrow I'll have oatmeal with raspberries for breakfast.

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Hey Ms. Trish!!!!!!!!