Sunday, February 17, 2008

How to comment

On the bottom of the blog you want to comment on, there is a number and the word "comments" double click it and a window pops up allowing you to comment :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Trish for wrting just for me how to leave a comment. I clicked on the envelope before instead...
I had this real nice comment written a while back but don't think it went through. It was about what we could do sugggestion for the week was: Try and use half of what you usually use. Such as Shampoo, soap, papertowels, napkins.
I also complemented you on your water bottle solution. I had bought one or two cases of water before and it drove me crazy to see all the plastic. Coming from Germany, we started avoiding trash, not just recycle.

Finally, thank you for being an awesome instructor and putting as much effort into teaching mostly unknown people with such enthusiasm. I like your big smile after hard core workout.
Thank, you have made me stronger and a better person.

Hope you got to see the Lunar Eclipse!

Yoga Trish said...

Thanks for being such an awesome and committed student!